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Athens Bible School believes that an education built upon the solid foundation of a Biblical worldview in a Christian environment is the best preparation a young person may receive to be equipped to handle the tidal extremes and moral turbulence of our ever-changing world. Our mission is unique, for it addresses every aspect of a young person’s life: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and social. For over 65 years ABS has proven to be effective by producing young people who go on to be leaders in their families, churches, communities and businesses.

However, ABS only thrives when people care enough to donate their time and financial resources to help the school. As a private school, we do not receive funding from tax revenue or churches. Therefore, we seek help primarily from individuals and businesses who believe in the value we provide to young people.  In addition to your prayers, hands-on involvement and recommendation, we need your financial support to enable us to continue to fulfill our mission of providing a quality education on an eternal foundation.
We have provided a convenient method for you to contribute immediately to Athens Bible School.  You may donate online, securely, using your credit card now.  Use the drop down boxes below to tell us how you would like for your donation to be used and then click the "Add to cart" button to add the donation amount to your cart.  You may select more than one denomination or donation category and you may add to your cart multiple times.  Click the Google Checkout button on the cart when you are ready to complete your online donation.
Give today.  Impact tomorrow.  Thank you for your support!

Online Donations

$50 Donation - General Fund $51.75
$100 Donation - General Fund $103.20
$250 Donation - General Fund $257.55
$500 Donation - General Fund $514.80
$1000 Donation - General Fund $1,029.30
$5000 Donation - General Fund $5,145.30

Marqueta Cook Nurses Station

$50 Donation $51.75
$100 Donation $103.20
$250 Donation $257.55
$500 Donation $514.80
$1,000 Donation $1,029.30
$5,000 Donation $5,145.30
$10,000 Donation $10,290.30

Capital Campaign Match

$50 Donation $51.75
$100 Donation $103.20
$250 Donation $257.55
$500 Donation $514.80
$1000 Donation $1,029.30
$5000 Donation $5,145.30