Capital Campaign


The mission of Athens Bible School is to provide a quality education – both academically and spiritually to as many young people as possible.  However, the very facilities that played a major role in the growth of Athens Bible School for so many years are now negatively affecting educational programs that can be offered and are a major reason enrollment has declined in recent years.

While so appreciative of those who had come before and sacrificed for the construction of the current campus, it is obvious that the years have taken their toll on the facilities.  And, the cost of repairs, retrofitting and maintenance have had an increasingly negative impact on the operating expenses of the school.


With great respect for our history and those who made ABS possible, the Board of Directors has determined that now is the time to construct and relocate to a new campus that will last another 70+ years if the Lord tarries.

The school owns 40 acres on Highway 31, one-half mile from the intersection of Highway 31 and Highway 251 and will begin the process of constructing a new campus with the field house (meeting room, concession stand, and restrooms) and a soccer field.  Additionally, drainage lines and roadways have been completed.  The Building on Excellence capital campaign will fund the next phase of the new campus.

The plan is to construct a 42,000 square foot, expandable education building that would include classrooms, library, science labs, and dining hall.  Additionally, a gymnasium and Sportsplex with softball, baseball and soccer fields, a running course and tennis courts would be a part of the new campus.  Once completed, the new campus will have facilities for 450 students.



The Building on Excellence campaign is a program that encourages all parents, grandparents, former parents, alumni and friends of ABS to make commitments payable over three years to provide the funds needed to complete the campus. 

Including commitments that have been made, the income from the eventual sale of the current campus and two estate gifts, the campaign total is currently just over $7.25 million.