School Supply Lists

2019-2020 School Supply Lists

As Supply Lists become available we will add them below.


Kindergarten Supply List

1st Grade Supply List

2nd Grade Supply List

3rd Grade Supply List

4th Grade Supply List

5th Grade Supply List

6th Grade Supply List

3rd - 6th Grade Science Supply List

5th and 6th Grade Bible: Mr. Bobby Graham: New King James Bible with either center-column references or those placed elsewhere (under a verse or at the bottom of the page). 

Jr. High & High School

7th Grade Bible — 3-ring binder, inexpensive colored pencils.

9th Grade American History: Paper, Three-ring notebook, Tabs/dividers, Pencils/Pens

10th Grade Bible: Bible (NKJV, NAS or ESV), 3 ring binder, Notebook paper, Pen/Pencil

Dr. Thrasher's all students will need a notebook or binder of their preference and pencils. Students in dual enrollment math courses need a handheld scientific calculator (graphing not required)

Drivers Ed: spiral notebook, pen or pencil, their drivers Manual

American History: Binder, paper, pencils, divider tabs for the binder.

Financial literacy: Binder, Paper, Pen or pencil, Basic Calculator, Kleenex

Career Prep: Binder, Paper, Pen or pencil, ACT approved Calculator, Kleenex

Health: 1-inch black binder, Lined paper in binder, Dividers, Pens and/or pencils

PE:(5th - 12th) Knee-length shorts or sweatpants/athletic pants, Tennis shoes and socks, a T-shirt, Deodorant ( no student, K-12, will be allowed to wear any shoe that is not a tennis shoe for PE this year)
9th grade only: notebook with dividers

Health: three ring binder, Paper, Pen/pencils, Dividers

Yearbook: Kleenex, Signed permission slip from parents to leave school and sell ads, take pictures, etc.

Biology, Life Science, and Anatomy: 1-inch binder with 3 tabs labeled "Tests, Worksheets, and Lab; colored pencils, mechanical or #2 pencils and a spiral notebook. For the classroom (please donate): Paper Towels, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes and expo markers 

12th Grade Bible - ESV Journaling Bible