Clubs & Organizations

The Athens Bible School education extends far beyond the daily classroom.  Numerous clubs and organizations provide our students with opportunities to explore, experiment and grow in their areas of interest.  Some of the clubs and organizations are involved in competitions on the state and national levels, and have won State and National championships.  This provides our students with the healthy competition to work with diligence and excellence.  A brief description is given below of most of our organizations and clubs and some of their most recent successes.

Junior & Senior Beta Clubs: Athens Bible School Beta Club has been named a National Beta Club School of Distinction for being committed to academic rigor and dedication to preparing students for college and career readiness.  The ABS Beta Club is dedicated to promoting academic achievement, nurturing worthy character, improving student leadership skills and encouraging service to others.  The students who choose to be a part of this club must work a minimum of 10 community service hours per year and maintain a 2.5 GPA.  Each year, many of the members compete in State competitions in a variety of academic areas.  Our Musical Talent Division has won 13 State Championships, 1 National Championship and 2 runner-up awards in the last 20 years.  60% of our 5th-12th-grade student body is involved in the Beta Club.

Trobotics: our Trobotics (Trojans + Robotics) is a nationally competitive team that seeks to promote the STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) initiative.  Through the BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science & Technology) program, teams of students are challenged each year to develop a company that will design, manufacture and market a robot that will overcome and complete a variety of specified tasks in a certain period of time.  Our Trobotics program has earned numerous 1st place achievements on both the state and national levels.  To learn more about our Trobotics Team click here.

History Club: the Athens Bible School History Club is dedicated to the promotion, learning and preservation of the accurate history of the United States and the state of Alabama.  Each year the club takes on a project to challenge the students to both learn and preserve history.  Also, club members take a 3 day trip to significant historical sites in the Southern and Mid-West United States.  Most recently the club has journeyed to Pensacola, New Orleans and Cincinnati.

Science Club: the Athens Bible School Science Club is dedicated to investigating and exploring the world God created to better understand how it works. They engage in everything from after school experiments to special museum tours to overnight field trips.