LIFE Program

L istening

I nvesting

F orming

E ngaging




Beginning in August of 2012, the administration of ABS formed the LIFE program for the purpose of providing the opportunity for the ABS family to work together to ensure that student learning and growth are occurring at the optimal level.


In accordance with the school purpose statement, the L.I.F.E.  program is intended to work with each student and his/her family to achieve and maintain the optimal learning experience. Athens Bible School fully recognizes, encourages, and expects for parents/guardians to be the primary advocates  for their child(ren) and would never seek to supersede this role. Those associated with the L.I.F.E. program serve only to aid students in educational and “school-side” matters.


The LIFE program was inaugurated in order to serve the following purposes:

1. Provide each student with a school advisor to help in the following areas

  • Monitor academic progress
  • Provide limited counseling for school related issues
  • Encourage life-skill training

2. Evaluations

  • Once per nine weeks, the advisor a formal academic evaluation with those students assigned to him or her.

3. Other meetings

  • Once per nine weeks, the advisor will meet with his/her students in an informal setting to follow up on evaluations, offer help with academic needs or take the opportunity to teach various life skills.
  • The school President may use this session to meet with the whole student body to address life-skill topics or the school counselor may visit the class to discuss various topics impacting the students.


JR/SR HIGH SCHOOL: Each Jr. and High School class is assigned two class sponsors that follow the class from 7th-12th grade.  These sponsors will also serve as advisors.  One other faculty member will be assigned to help the class with the LIFE program responsibilities.

ELEMENTARY: Elementary teachers will be assigned the classes they were teaching in the 2011-12 school year and follow that class until they complete 6th grade.  The teacher will then be assigned to the incoming kindergarten class for the upcoming year.