Book Circulation

K-4 students are regularly scheduled for thirty-minute weekly library sessions during which each one is permitted to check out one book at a time that is normally due back the same day of the following week.  If needed, each student has the option to renew the book unless another has requested that we place it on hold (reserve) for him/her.  In the event a student fails to return a book during the successive visit, he/she forfeits the right to renew the book or check out another title.  During these sessions, they are exposed to classic and trending literature and receive bibliographic instruction.

Since the interest and reading levels are so different  for secondary students, they are not normally limited to the number of books that they can check out at a time.  This of course depends on the quantity of titles available in the subject area that they are researching at the time and teacher requirements.  Secondary students  are permitted to check out their library books for twice as long as the elementary students (2 weeks)  with the renewal option.   Depending on their respective assignments,  they also receive periodic bibliographic instruction throughout the school year and the junior and senior classes receive special bibliographical instruction prior to writing their term papers at the Athens State University Library.

Book Returns

In order to avoid confusion, all students are required to properly return their books to the circulation desk so that they can be properly charged and discharged in the library database.

Overdue Books

Presently, the library staff charges all students $.05 overdue fine each day the item is late and the total overdue fine will never exceed the price the library paid for the book or its current value.

Library Collection

Presently,  the library holdings is in excess of 8,000 volumes and satisfies all and any accreditation requirements ( standards) including the advanced SACS diploma.  In connection, the library link of https:// (portal) currently serves as the catalog to the collection.  Parents of currently enrolled students are automatically assigned Renweb passwords so that they can log into the main website to keep track of their children's academic progress and determine if any one of them for example has an overdue library book.   Students who also desire to have their own passwords can simply get one by asking an appropriate Athens Bible School personnel member for assistance.   In the above mentioned link, anyone associated with the school can search our library collection 24/7 by author, title, subject heading, series, and bar code number to see if we have the particular book in our collection that they need.

Computer Lab

Computers are available for individual or class use for research purposes.

Periodical  Indexes

Many full-text  journal  (periodical) articles are available on databases such as the Alabama Virtual Library (AVL) and institutional ones such as the Athens State University Library.   These periodical databases are all self-explanatory and have done well in meeting all of the students' past research needs.

Lost Books

See either librarian for assistance or details.

Library Hours

The library operational hours are the same as those of the school.

Library Personnel

Mrs. Linda Harwell (256) 232-3525; Selection 6 on the campus voicemail.

Mr. Timothy D. Williams (256) 232-3525; Selection 6 on the campus voicemail.