College Credit at Athens Bible School

The Dual Enrollment program at Athens Bible School offers our students distinct and extraordinary advantages.  Beginning in their sophomore year, our students may begin taking classes that will count toward their high school diploma and their college degree.  These classes are conducted by Athens Bible School faculty members qualified to teach college level courses, on our campus and within the unique Athens Bible School environment.  Currently students may earn the following collegiate credit hours:

  • World History I and II (6 semester credit hours)
  • United States History I and II (6 semester credit hours)
  • Principles of Biology I and II (8 semester credit hours)
  • Introductory Spanish I and II and Intermediate Spanish I and II (14 semester credit hours)
  • Intermediate College Algebra, Precalculus Algebra, and Precalculus Trigonometry (9 semester credit hours)
  • Calculus I and II (8 semester credit hours)
  • English Composition I and II (6 semester credit hours)
  • English Literature I and II (6 semester credit hours)
  • General Psychology and Human Growth and Development (6 semester credit hours)

 By taking all available classes, the Athens Bible School student may accrue over 60 hours of college credit and enable them to enter as collegiate juniors in their first year after high school graduation.  What are the advantages of this program:

  • College courses taught on ABS campus by Christians with a Biblical worldview
  • Financial savings equaling as much as $60,000*
  • Possible completion of Bachelor's degree in less than 3 years of college
  • Enjoy the unique Athens Bible School environment
  • No room and board expenses
  • No extra transportation time and save on other ancillary costs

The Athens Bible School Dual-Enrollment program is arranged through Calhoun Community College, therefore, all courses are easily transferable to all state universities and colleges, as well as to nearly all colleges and universities nationwide.

 The advantages of this program have been well-tested and are highly commended by our students and their parents:

 “Just registered for my classes for next semester a little while ago. Thank you, ABS, for the 15 hours of Dual Credit that allowed me to register early and get the classes I wanted at the times I wanted.” (Tyler Moss, ‘12, National Merit Finalist, University of Alabama).

 “Already having college credit hours for Maryn as she registered for Freed-Hardeman classes was such a blessing.  We saved a lot of money and she was able to get a jump start on getting her degree.  We are so thankful for the opportunity she had to take the classes and the quality of education she received within them” (Laurie Johnson, parent, ‘13).

 “ABS certainly prepared me for college in several important ways. Academically, the small class sizes and personalized attention helped me build the intellectual foundation necessary for college. The ABS faculty and staff worked to help me become a National Merit Finalist and a University Fellow at the University of Alabama. My experience at ABS definitely helped to shape my college experience.” (Jonathan Pittman, ‘07, National Merit Finalist, University of Alabama)