Athens Bible School seeks faithful Christian servants who are interested in helping provide a Better Education on a Better Foundation. 

Henry Adams once said, “A teacher affects eternity.” Teachers in private schools profoundly appreciate the eternal dimensions of their work, for they nourish not only the minds but also the hearts and souls of their students. Serving in schools that emphasize a child's complete development, private school teachers have the privileged opportunity to transmit the core academic skills as well as the lessons that count most in life: lessons about spirituality, love, values, the wonder of creation, the purpose of existence. Can any work be more important? 

We invite you to consider this worthwhile endeavor and the impact that you can make by serving at Athens Bible School. 

There are no open positions currently available.



If you are interested in joining the ABS team, please email employment@athensbibleschool.org.  All applicants must attach a resume, a letter of interest/cover letter, and copies of required credentials for the position, such as transcripts, certifications, etc.. 



Athens Bible School reserves the right to carefully and fully explore the religious values, faith, and convictions (including personal conduct) of applicants and employees in order to employ those individuals who support, advance, and live in a manner consistent with, Athens Bible School's mission and values.